making specific

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Our ability to make such positive progress in the reduction of our carbon footprint has largely been down to being able to monitor driver behaviour, keep vehicle speeds down and tailor our driver training courses to focus on making specific improvements.
However, the Pope, in his attempt to engage atheists and humanists, should have qualified his comments about "the good" by making specific reference to Catholic teaching.
The Senate bill adds to the House measure, making specific appropriations for defense, veterans affairs, agriculture and homeland security, and others.
The independent inquiry was announced by Royal Mail chairman Donald Brydon, with the aim of making specific recommendations to reduce the number of dog attacks.
Al Ain Zoo's Animal Enrichment Programme aims at providing improved welfare for animals by making specific changes to their environments.
In a statement, the central bank said, 'While the counter-cyclical buffer so created would be available to banks for making specific provisions during economic downturns, there is a need for banks to make higher specific provisions also as part of the prudential provisioning framework.
He is not making specific requests based on positions in the points race, but it certainly adds an extra dimension to the pairings and this week he will tee off alongside Paul Casey and defending champion Nick Dougherty.
Roche, a librarian at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library in Illinois, arranges these titles into sections such as war biographies, adventure biographies, true crime biographies and celebrity biographies and offers a definition of each genre and its appeal before making specific recommendations.
We will be making specific recommendations to the fiance ministry, sector specific as well as policy measures to give stimulus to the industries, as I mentioned earlier.
The FDA plan includes steps for strengthening methods and tools for safety surveillance, establishing an advisory committee on communication and using fees to pay for improvements in communication among staff on safety issues as well as making specific organizational and management changes to increase communication among review and safety staff.
Those riboswitches, found in many bacteria, are stretches of messenger RNAS, which provide the instructions to cells for making specific proteins (5N: 4/10/04, p.
The papers included provide important background information for policy analysts in government and the private sector without making specific policy recommendations.