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Vice President and Director of News Vince Doria, and Executive Vice President and Executive Editor John Walsh along with Boston Phoenix Media Critic Mark Jurkowitz as they discuss ESPN's impact on popular culture and its role in making sports a true form of entertainment.
COACHING: A course aimed at making sports coaches aware of safety and injury issues is being planned by Denbighshire County Council's Sport Development Unit, in partnership with the Denbighshire Sports Council.
What you have to realize about outdoor clothing is that it works and it's acceptable everywhere today because of a more relaxed life style,'' said Hap Klopp, president of the Outdoor Industry Group, owner of companies making sports clothing and gear.
We're thrilled to play a role in making sports and our industry more exciting.
WORKERS making sports equipment for the Olympic Games are being exploited, bullied and harassed, a report claimed yesterday.
This year is their fourth season of making sports snowshoes that weigh as little as 19 ounces, and are as small as 7 inches wide and 24 inches long.
LeagueLink is dedicated to making sports leagues easier to manage and more fun to participate in, and they have created powerful Internet-based software that is free to both leagues and athletes.
Team Mouse has been making sports licensed products for over four years but this is the first time the company has offered their customers the ability to personalize their computer peripherals.

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