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MALE. Of the masculine sex; of the sex that begets young; the sex opposed to the female. Vide Gender; Man; Sex; Worthiest of blood.

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And Bellshill, winner of two of his four chases, including a Grade 2 novice event at Limerick, looks the biggest danger to Mala Beach in a race his trainer Willie Mullins has won five times in the last seven years.
South Africa - and Mala Mala in particular - had given me the most special of celebrations.
She changed her name to Mala and sang a simple Urdu composition, Aaya re dekho for the film Sooraj Mukhi (1962).
Mala, of Gough Avenue, appeared in the dock in a grey prison tracksuit.
n Djuki Mala is at the Assembly George Square Theatre until August 28.
In time for the holiday season, Mala Tang is offering a sampler of all its popular roasts.
In Mala Mala, some of those chronicled believed that only youth, glamour and beauty were the only interesting options for female identity.
At the Latsia Municipal theatre for an hour-and-a-half free performance, Djuki Mala will take audience members on a journey through two stories about indigenous Australia.
No se por que me dan papeles de mala, si soy una princesita.
We report herein a case of suicide attempt with metformin presenting as MALA and acute renal failure on admission to emergency department and acute myocardial injury later on hospitalisation.
While general councillors included Mohammad Faisal UC Kamra, Baharam Khan UC Bolianwal, Jasarat Iqbal UC Akhori, Mehboob Elahi UC Sarwala, Malik Qadeer Ahmad UC Dakhner, Mohammad Nawazish Khan UC Dakhner, Musarrat Khan UC Dakhner, Mohammad Sohail UC Haroon, Usman UC Shinka, Mansaf Khan UC Shinka and Zahir Shah UC Malik Mala.
Behind closed doors, Saturday BDI authorities held a meeting in Mala Recica.