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The review we are today announcing is once again another step in highlighting government's zero tolerance approach to fraud, corruption and maladministration.
People can lodge complaints on a plain paper along with copy of national identity card and contact number if they have any complaint of maladministration by any federal government agency and organisation, he maintained.
He found, however, maladministration in 47 cases, a slight increase compared to 40 cases in 2010.
The European Ombudsman looks at cases of maladministration of issues handled by a European institution, such as the Commission and EFSA.
Mrs Seex said: "It was maladministration for the panel not to properly consider whether the council had established that admitting more children would prejudice efficient education or use of resources.
In a report yesterday, the PASC called on the government to accept "without delay" MsAbraham's findings of maladministration by the former Department for Trade and Industry, the Government Actuary's Department and the Financial Services Authority.
In total, the report identified 10 instances of maladministration by public authorities.
During the hearing at in Cardiff earlier this month, which has only just come to light, a Nursing and Midwifery Council panel also heard evidence of three counts of maladministration of drugs by Mrs Roberts, which she admitted.
He concluded that this case constituted an instance of maladministration.
If the Ombudsman confirms that there has been an instance of maladministration, he must inform the institution or the body concerned, which must provide the Ombudsman with an opinion within three months.
The EC accepted it should not have accepted the "ill-based" report but denied maladministration.
Aleksandr Pushkin provided Gogol with the theme of the drama, in which a well-dressed windbag named Ivan Khlestakov, who has been mistaken for the dreaded government inspector, is bribed and feted by village officials in the hope of turning his attention away from their maladministration.