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Mon enfant Te voir pour la premiere fois Me fait trembler d'emoi Et me rend si maladroit Dans les bras de ta mere Encore tout petit Aussi petit que le Petit Poucet J'ai envie de te caresser J'ai peur de te blesser Je veux tellement t'enlacer J'ai peur de te casser J'ai hate de t'embrasser J'ai peur de te froisser Je suis si angoisse
A travers l'analyse de mythes nord-americains ayant pour motif l'Hote maladroit, Daniel Clement renouvelle la lecture de ce champ d'etudes, jusqu'ici largement influence par le structuralisme de Claude Levi-Strauss.
He wants to turn this maladroit molehill into a "racial insult to all Africans and African-Caribbeans", adding words like "community facing issues of lack of engagement and disaffection.
Other ancient gags brought out of mothballs for the occasion include the Parisian concierge with a Pepe Le Pew accent going on about l'amour, the Parisian hotel with many floors and no elevator, the loud brash Texan millionaire (Pierce gets to impersonate one, a joke that dates all the way back to Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk), and the maladroit drunken waiter who used to be played by Graham Stark in the Pink Panther movies.
Some analysts here blame both New Delhi and Washington, each distracted with other pressing issues, for what is widely viewed as maladroit bilateral diplomacy in recent years.
Anyone who watched "The Social Network" likely came away from the film about Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, thinking Zuckerberg, somewhat incongruously, is a socially maladroit misfit.
He won the primary, but maladroit campaigning erased his mid-October lead against Democrat Michael Bennet, who won the election -- and now is chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.
Whether the absence of such a SOFA reflects maladroit U.
And Britten's maladroit layering of text upon rapid-pattering high voices rendered diction all but incomprehensible.
Unger's maladroit handling of the historical material hardly helps to improve the situation.
Strasbourg a pleinement justifie son statut de favori de la finale du Championnat de France de Pro A, en ecrasant un Nanterre particulierement maladroit (89-55) mercredi soir, lors du premier match (au meilleur des cinq matches).
Out manoeuvred and out thought, we are maladroit and inept in our response to Pakistan.