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As I try to show in this essay, Dargan captured the essence of the problem of male chauvinism by depicting the developing political consciousness of a radical woman protagonist who aspires to become a leader of her fellow textile workers but is hindered in her progress toward that goal by the sexism of her male mentor, a communist physician.
In later chapters, Kim examines the structure and thematic unity of her first treatise Arboleda, the theme of virtue in the later Admiracion, explores the condition of women writers in the Middle Ages under the male chauvinism, and the use of irony in her appeal to women's right to write.
So when one of the flag-waving assistant refs happens to be female it threatens to awaken every inclination towards male chauvinism that can afflict unreconstructed man.
Sa'diyya Shaikh's chapter on the potential of Islam for sex positivity makes a strong case on topics like abortion, birth control and male chauvinism.
In order to fend off sexism charges, Strobel has brushed off the situation as a "marketing ploy" to bring business to the small town, which is best known for its waterfalls and natural beauty, rather than male chauvinism, the Telegraph said.
A survey last week claimed male chauvinism is alive and well with half of women claiming they suffer an onslaught of sexist abuse every day.
Herath called for the banishing of male chauvinism from the Sri Dalada Maligawa and its precincts and stated that since a woman bore Prince Siddhartha who as the Buddha gave utmost respect to women there was no reason why women should be debarred from taking care of the Buddha's tooth relic.
She advised PML-N leader to purge male chauvinism in his party and stop atrocities against women in Punjab province which has become a police state and where police has created a reign of terror.
There is something inherently troubling with water in a wine glass, especially from my point of view, which in this case turned into something resembling male chauvinism.
I have resolved to oppose the Owls this season the way that Germaine Greer opposes male chauvinism or He-Man opposes Skeletor.
It's "nothing but an expression of male chauvinism," said Scaria, a member of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary.
Those bastions of male chauvinism, the men only bars, were still excluding women, in spirit if not in practice.