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Obviously, these authors are pointing to the potential for maleficence and the need to avoid it.
Direct marketers are not interested in any individual's specific problem or any specific area of maleficence, as some politicians would have you believe, Stevens says.
In Sade, the possibility arises that what cannot be attained in beneficence can be attained in its opposite: in injury and in maleficence.
One Walkern yeoman believed that he had lost stock to the value of 200 [pounds] through her maleficence over the years; another local farmer's sheep had died mysteriously after he threatened Wenham for stealing his turnips.
The most common principles that influence the social work practice are: the principle of autonomy, non- maleficence, beneficence (97) together with the principle of justice and fidelity.
Such 'products' must be capable of providing a high level of service, and must be driven by the prima facie duties that conform to ethical codes such as justice, beneficence, non maleficence, honesty and fidelity.