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MALE. Of the masculine sex; of the sex that begets young; the sex opposed to the female. Vide Gender; Man; Sex; Worthiest of blood.

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An argument has been made that the animated series can be understood and used as a curriculum text to further understand the discourse of maleness and masculinity.
While she does not urge the erasure of maleness and femaleness, she does call for a re-prioritization of being in Christ, in community, as the foundation for personal identity.
An African-American woman, she would give President Obama a diversity bonus at a time when he has been criticized for the white maleness of appointees in his second term administration.
We can't know for certain that Jesus was male as we currently define maleness," she writes, "since we do not have a body to examine and analyze.
These two fine African men will ensure that Akua s sons matriculate along a correct path towards African maleness.
The cross with the figure of Christ on it that is seen in Roman Catholic churches would reinforce the notion of the maleness of God.
It is well known that Hollywood in the 1950s offered up a variety of male stars like Marion Brando, James Dean, Montgomery Clift, and many others who scarcely fit prevailing notions of maleness.
I love the fact of your maleness, yet the soul is androgynous.
Varricchio notes that figuring out a dinosaur's sex is tricky, and the absence of the medullary bone layer, while a good argument for maleness, is not conclusive.
Like Britten's Billy Budd, it has suffered in popularity from its maleness.
One may contend that sex is biologically determined maleness and femaleness; whereas, gender is influenced by cultural, social, and historical factors.
In the Church's constitution, adopted in 1962, canonical fitness included a requirement for maleness.