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Eva is not overly maternal and finds it hard to bond with Kevin, who screams all the time, then stares malevolently instead of learning to talk.
The rulers may rule benevolently or malevolently but in either case they are not answerable to those ruled.
The design for such a process cannot accommodate malevolently carnivorous forces like jihadist terrorism, which merely sucks credibility out of its principal progenitor, Pakistan.
With glossy black feathers, 7-foot wingspan and malevolently hooked bill, about the only thing the frigate might be confused with is a stealth fighter.
There does seem a yawning pothole of a gap in logic between on the one hand seeking to smooth out our road surfaces thereby allowing us all to move along at a reasonable speed, but, on the other, malevolently dragging everyone to a crawl with humps and chicanes.
He then becomes the Gothic Villain, the Romantic archetype of which is the dastardly aristocrat or warlock, wringing his hands, malevolently plotting some species of evil for evil's sake from within his dark tower or his underground citadel--a character actually little more than a caricature of evil, evoking in the reader neither sympathy nor desire to understand him.
This may not seem harmful in cases in which the employees have, in fact, acted purposely and malevolently.
But the meaning of finger she thrust malevolently into the air as she saw me glance in my rear view mirror was unmistakable.
In a disturbing development, the hitherto zombie-like grown-ups appear to be malevolently targeting them.
At the same time, glaring at us malevolently, he said:-- "You've got scabs on your nose.
Police are investigating to see whether the fire was set malevolently.