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Terrorism -- the very act that helps to ratchet up fear levels and justifies extra-constitutional illegalities committed by states has virtually made every citizen a malfeasor in the eyes of security agencies.
too does the chance that a malfeasor can reverse engineer a dataset that
One need only look at the revolution in bankruptcy law to appreciate the insulation a corporate malfeasor might enjoy.
malfeisour (OED) 14th century variant of malfeasor, an evildoer, in 1379 quote at router
Punishment of the malfeasor involved publishing the offending author's name, refusing to accept any future paper submitted by this author, requesting the leading citations and abstracting indexes to delete references and citations to the offending article, informing other leading journals in economics of the outcome, and advising senior administrators in the offending author's employing institutions of the circumstances.
32) This type of suit for damages is separate from the tort action that the injured spouse has against the malfeasor.
Note, however, that the likelihood is that the users themselves, rather than a Bitcoin entity, are the malfeasors.
In the case alluded to above, certain private investigators were engaged and these investigators were talented enough to be able to seat one of their operatives (a stunning, former Mossad operative with a "photographic" memory) on a transoceanic flight in the seat next to one of the malfeasors - a self-professed lady's man (although married).
The establishment of the papal camera or treasury, which was empowered to collect rents from downstream levels of administration and to act as papal enforcer, carrying out inspections with powers of excommunication and interdict against malfeasors.
Violating the rule of law is justified when upholding it would put people at great risk from malfeasors.
Before Bush (who himself was once the target of an inconclusive SEC probe) appointed him as SEC Chair, Harvey Pitt defended such securities malfeasors as inside trader king Ivan Boesky from the SEC.
They also believe that pursuing local malfeasors is the best way for them to protect the citizens of their states.