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Two PAMs had malfunctioned during past deployments from the shuttle, as had other types of "kick motors,' but all three on mission 51-G worked just as planned.
Investigators were not sure why the gun didn't fire but believe it may have been that the gun or the ammunition malfunctioned.
The sources quoted her doctor as confirming that the woman's pacemaker program malfunctioned each time she passed through the antitheft device at a library she frequents.
0- -- During the investigation, Tosco found that none of the instruments malfunctioned that night and all of the data the operators saw prior to the explosion were correct.
The Grizzlies contended the game clock malfunctioned with six-tenths of a second remaining, giving the Lakers an extra three-tenths of a second and allowing O'Neal to take the shot.
Don Scott said something might have malfunctioned in the refrigeration unit, adding that there was a chance that some moisture got into the wiring, causing an odor.
But early Tuesday morning he awoke to find his Berg Street house on fire, sparked when his air conditioner malfunctioned, firefighters said.