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Involving malice; characterized by wicked or mischievous motives or intentions.

An act done maliciously is one that is wrongful and performed willfully or intentionally, and without legal justification.


adjective acrimonious, antagonistic, brutal, cruel, demoniac, demoniacal, destructive, diabolic, diabolical, evil, evil-minded, feral, ferocious, harmful, hateful, hostile, ill-natured, invidious, malefic, maleficent, maleficial, malevolent, malevolus, malignant, merciless, ornery, pernicious, relentless, resentful, ruthless, savage, spiteful, treacherous, truculent, unfeeling, venemous, vicious, vindictive, virulent, wanton, wicked
Associated concepts: malicious mischief, malicious prosecuuion
Foreign phrases: Malitiis hominum est obviandum.The malicious designs of men must be thwarted.
See also: caustic, cold-blooded, contemptuous, cruel, felonious, harmful, invidious, libelous, malevolent, malignant, mordacious, noxious, outrageous, resentful, scathing, sinister, spiteful, vicious, vindictive, virulent, wrongful

DESERTION, MALICIOUS. The act of a husband or wife, in leaving a consort, without just cause, for the purpose of causing a perpetual separation. Vide Abandonment, malicious.

MALICIOUS. With bad, and unlawful motives; wicked.

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This provision excluded bodily injury or property damage "which is either expected or intended by an insured, or to any person or property which is the result of willful and malicious acts of the insured.
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