malicious report

See: slander
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Speaking after sentencing yesterday, Detective Constable James Emery of Middlesbrough CID said the victim of the malicious report was relieved that the case is now at an end.
The Pakistani woman defendant threatened to file a malicious report against her accusing her of theft if she did not obey her, she said.
This malicious report takes away some of the gloss from the Springboks' marvellous victory over the All Blacks," he said.
Lieutenant General Dahi said investigations revealed it was a malicious report and the person, whom the report was made against, had no plans to do anything against the consulate.
We trust that no member of the club is responsible for this malicious report, but should we find out that is so, we will take disciplinary action against the member concerned.
Firefighters from an English brigade were also mobilised after another malicious report of a non-existent blaze.
Our investigation found a high probability of a malicious report, so no immediate action, like a drug test, was taken.
I will be suing him for filing a malicious report and suing him for putting it in the papers, for the damage to my career and family life.
Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat, editor of local news paper and reporter have been asked to tender unconditional apology to Raja Pervez Akhtar for levelling baseless charges against him and publication of false and malicious report within 14 days other wise legal proceedings would be initiated against them.
It was a malicious report but a very serious one in the current climate.
K,, a 31-year-old Emirati manager, by filing a malicious report on A.
Dubai: AaPolice have arrested an American national who made a malicious report that the United States consulate in Dubai was under a security threat, as a man was planning to do something there, the Chief of Dubai Police announced on Thursday.