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The malign website injects a HTML or HTTP request for the legitimate site into the user's (prey) session thereby compromising the reliability of the legitimate site.
The Congress is making baseless accusations in an attempt to malign Chouhan's image," said Jaitley while delivering his inaugural speech at the two- day BJP state executive meeting that began here on Thursday.
Dr Thomas Hockey, who carried out a post-mortem examination, said that in 90% of cases asbestos was the cause of malign mesothelioma.
Their conspiracy to malign Shah's image has been unsuccessful," he said.
Erkek uretrasinin primer malign melonomu oldukca nadirdir ve prognozu oldukca kotudur.
Some of these are the dances of honey bees; chimps configuring boxes to be able to reach otherwise unreachable bananas; wasps providing food for their larval-stage offspring at the time of egg laying; the amazing abilities of bats, in spite of our propensity to malign them; a homing pigeon rescuing a lost battalion in WW I (the bird's remains are in the Smithsonian); macaques washing potatoes; and the recreational sex of dolphins.
This new insight resonates with Democratic populists, like me, who are frustrated by conservatives' use of deceptive language to malign Democratic ideas and erode American values while Democratic leaders appear powerless to defend them.
If the lad loses his head in Portugal this summer, costing England the Euro Championship, and you're looking to blame malign influences, look no further than the low-life company he keeps ON the pitch.
The sound track is nothing more than an intermittent artificial thunderclap, the ultimate movie cliche for designating the imminence of dark or malign forces.
No wonder, then, that blacks (and the whites who are allowed to exert a malign, evil influence over them) are severely taken to task for their role in Ethiopia's subjugation.
Marvi Memon has stressed upon the need for immediate action against all those elements who were attempting to play with the sentiments of the poor and the needy and were trying to malign the Program for their petty interests.
Binny, who has been accused by Lamba of claiming in a Facebook post that she is running a sex racket from her home, said that someone had created a fake account in his name to malign him.