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In our cohort, 20% of cases were diagnosed as having urological malignancy.
A review of the Advanced Malignancy products under development by companies and universities/research institutes based on information derived from company and industry-specific sources.
4) Yao and colleagues (4) performed a literature review from 1985 to 2008 and found 32 case reports of malignancy in RS3PE, including 18 solid tumors, 11 hematologic malignancies, and 3 additional malignancies of unknown sites.
It was first reported in 1916 that a rheumatic disease could herald a malignancy.
The current consensus favors wide local excision of WDLs/ALTs; ideally, tumor-free margins should extend at least 2 cm from the malignancy.
A more recent University of Pittsburgh study of alcoholic liver recipients reported that 24 percent of deaths occurring after one year were caused by non-lymphoid de novo malignancy.
In 29% of patients who had breast cancer as a first primary tumor followed by a non-breast second primary cancer, the second one was a gynecologic malignancy.
The coexistence of sarcoidosis and malignancy has been noted for nearly three decades.
Many patients with an AIDS-related malignancy do, in fact, have problems with overlapping drug toxicity, drug interactions, and difficulty adhering to drug regimens.
16, 1999, Gipson was again seen at High Desert, and another CT scan indicated that the abnormal lung mass had enlarged and developed small lobes, evidence of a possible malignancy.
by measuring the proliferation of T cells) in response to in vitro exposure to the HER-2/neu protein, or detection of immunocomplexes formed between the HER-2/neu protein and antibodies in body fluid, allows the diagnosis of the presence of a malignancy in which the HER-2/neu oncogene is associated.
Unilateral bleeding in the presence of a soft-tissue mass should certainly suggest the possibility of a malignancy in the nose or sinus; a biopsy of the soft tissue should be performed.