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Those who malinger wish to be treatment-compliant (Rogers, 1997); however, although initially willing to discuss symptom manifestation, they become oppositional and evasive when questioned directly (Resnick, 1997; Resnick & Knoll, 2005; Rogers, 1997).
With social work's increasing involvement in criminal justice, forensic practice, police consultation, and correctional work, not to mention its already heavy involvement in mental health and health care, it is certain that many practitioners will face multiple encounters with certain clients who, for various reasons, will attempt to malinger to achieve their goals.
The special will continue to spotlight the new "Peter and The Wolf" characters recently created by renowned animation director Jones for the IF/X CD-ROM production (released last month by Time Warner Interactive), and will feature extended performances by Alley, Bridges and Malinger, who all starred in the TWI interactive release.
Starring: Tony Danza (Tony DiMeo), Maria Canals (Carmen Cruz), Majandra Delfino (Tina DiMeo), Ashley Malinger (Mickey DiMeo), Shaun Weiss (Stuey).
Ross Malinger is the latest actor to throw his hat into the producing ring - which is remarkable only in that Malinger is all of 12 years old.
Already the project has two well-known names attached to it - former child star Margaret O'Brien and child actor Ross Malinger, who starred with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in ``Sleepless in Seattle.
Fit for children: The acclaimed Kirstie Alley-Lloyd Bridges-Ross Malinger "Peter and the Wolf" special that ran on ABC last December heads to home video via BMG March 19 - with a difference.