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For one lad of eleven year old may have as much cunning as another of fourteen; and in these cases the maxim is malitia supplet aetatem, that is, malice supplies the age.
Malitia NPCs and cult followers lead extraordinary daily lives, but emphasis will also be placed on outside factors like family and personal relationships too.
I threw away my shoes and got back to my comfortable all-season malitia school button-less clothes.
Political Agency Khurram Amjad Ali Khan and Commandant Khurram Malitia Umar Malik graced the occasion as guests.
And, if two or more come together to do an unlawful act against the king's peace, of which the probable consequence might be bloodshed; as to beat a man, to commit a riot, or to rob a park; and one of them kills a man; it is murder in them all, because of the unlawful act, the malitia praecogitata, or evil intended beforehand.
Anderson (1993, 103) applauds Truculentus's, Phronesium for her malitia, but cannot class her alongside the roguish anti-heroes, the servi callidi, because she "acts only from selfish motives.
Living the dream - Becki, Becky Nana, Bill, Bobby, Ross, Mark, Ben and Dave | Get some heavy on - Malitia Savage and Lisa | Get some heavy on - Malitia Savage and Lisa | We're loving it like this ahhhh
19) Prosecutors could overcome the presumption with a showing of sufficient malice, applying the Latin maxim malitia supplet cetatem (20) (literally, "malice supplies age" (21)).
robustae corpore, non est ex bonitate complexionis, sed ex malitia,
General Malong Awan, the current Governor of Northern Bar-Elghazal State who personally recruited Dootku-Beny Malitia from NBGS and Warap and commanded Dootku-Beny during the genocidal operation.
E perche non tutte sono poste nell'Inferno de' viventi da una istessa causa--cosi diverse son le maniere con che restano inganate, poi che la malitia de gli huomini non lascia fraude che non esserciti in questo maneggio .
273 si quis forte malitia fretus sua) (15) e in ambiti letterari in stile dimesso (Phaedr.