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MALVERSATION, French law. This word is applied to all punishable faults committed in the exercise of an office, such as corruptions, exactions, extortions and larceny. Merl. Repert. h.t.

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The Justice, who spoke on condition of anonymity, claimed that due to the strength of the arguments in various petitions against DAP, the government officials may face charges of malversation or even plunder.
Parking Operator has gain robust system, easy to operate, easy for maintenance, with the reliable RFID tag-ticket check for the prevention of malversation.
The investigation seeks to determine whether these uses of public funds constitute technical malversation, where public funds are used for a public purpose that differed in a very technical sense from the original plan.
Le secretaire general du PPS a devoile, entre autres, les raisons de sa non-candidature aux prochaines elections, les ambitions du Parti du livre pour le scrutin du 4 septembre, sans oublier l'engagement et la determination du PPS a denoncer toute malversation electorale.
Masaranga Umpa, former Philippines Ambassador to Nigeria, was convicted by the anti-graft Sandiganbayan court for three counts of malversation of public funds.
AL-BAQARA / 283), if any of you trusts another let the trusted deliver his trust; this verse recommend to back your trusts to its owner and condemned Malversation (AN-NISA / 58): allah orders you all to hand back trusts to their owners, (AL-MUMENOON /8) (prosperous are those) who preserve their trusts and pledges, these verses indicate the position and value of financial security, Especially considering that the trusts is borrowed from the root of "safe" and truster to entrust their wealth to others seeking to achieve financial security.
Under the measure to be known as the "Whistleblower Protection, Security and Benefit Act," a whistleblower will receive P200,000 upon admission into the Witness Protection Program if the case is susceptible of pecuniary estimation such as plunder, forfeiture of ill-gotten wealth, bribery, malversation and damage or injury to government.
By issuing the January 18, 2013 memo, the complainant said Lotilla "has done a great disservice to the Filipino people, prejudiced the government and caused the misappropriation and malversation of public funds.
October 18, 2008 (PARIS) -- Lakes State Governor reportedly has suspended a committee formed to investigate alleged probe malversation of public funds by an assembly member who briefly served as speaker in Rumbek.
Pour l'instant, aucune malversation n'est reprochee aux etablissements bancaires.
Aquino "perpetrated multiple counts of technical malversation and corruption of public officials," Congressman Fernando Hicap of Children of Sweat, another sectoral party at the House of Representatives which endorsed the impeachment complaint.
Furieux devant cette situation gravissime, les cherubins sont alles faire entendre leur colere dans le souk hebdomadaire de la commune oE les populations faisaient egalement exploser leur malaise a l'egard d'une commune qui brille, a leur sens, de malversation, de depravation et de demission.