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Total RNA of mammary gland tissue were extracted and then the cDNA of the YML gene were synthesized by the method as described in the previous section.
To demonstrate the precision of the technique and its ability to generalize to many different human tissue types, the research team created several proof-of-principle organoid arrays mimicking human tissues such as branching vasculature and mammary glands.
Altered mammary gland development and predispositior to breast cancer due to in utero exposure to endocrine disruptors.
Fewer tumour incidence, smaller tumour size and greater tumour latency period on cow ghee than on soybean oil were suggestive of protection conferred by cow ghee or the promotional role of soybean oil in mammary gland carcinogenesis.
Immunolocalization of the smooth muscle-specific protein calponin in complex and mixed tumors of the mammary gland of the dog: assessment of the morphogenetic role of the myoepithelium.
8) These layer amounts could enhance immune function and in women, contribute to the integrity of normal mammary glands.
The mammary glands of pubescent female mice developed structurally in a way that made them more likely to develop breast cancer
Middleton, WI) has patented a method for transfering a gene encoding a valuable compound, such as a pharmaceutical, into the secretory cells of the mammary gland to produce a new compound into the milk or to alter the composition of the milk.
In addition to its role in mammary gland development and initiation of lactation, prolactin also is essential for the maintenance of lactation.
One class of such compounds, called heterocyclic amines, has been shown to cause mammary gland tumors in laboratory rats.
Three cows which were cloned from mammary gland cells extracted from cow's milk are expected to be born next April, researchers at a dairy product company's laboratory in Hokkaido said Tuesday.