man of business

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A SUCCESSFUL Man of Business, having occasion to write to a Thief, expressed a wish to see him and shake hands.
Bianchon narrated the following: Another Study of Woman La Grande Breteche Bidault (known as Gigonnet) Gobseck The Vendetta Cesar Birotteau The Firm of Nucingen A Daughter of Eve Bixiou, Jean-Jacques The Purse A Bachelor's Establishment Modeste Mignon Scenes from a Courtesan's Life The Firm of Nucingen The Muse of the Department Cousin Betty The Member for Arcis Beatrix A Man of Business Gaudissart II.
And here's another thing,' he said, stopping for a moment with a good-humoured laugh in his eyes, and laying his closed right hand, with its peculiar suppleness of thumb, on Clennam's arm, 'no inventor can be a man of business, you know.
Riley was a man of business, and not cold toward his own interest, yet even he was more under the influence of small promptings than of far-sighted designs.
Hence that positive appetite for system and regularity which has made me the distinguished man of business that I am.
You know my man Davenport--private secretary, confidential man of business, and general factotum.
He is a capital man of business,' said Wicks, in a tone of the deepest admiration, 'capital, isn't he?
Or,' pursued the stranger, wondering at Mr Boffin's wonder, 'if you would try me as your man of business under any name, I know you would find me faithful and grateful, and I hope you would find me useful.
Your theory is for me to begin with keeping books in order to become a successful lawyer or man of business.
You are not afraid it may be rather a mistake for an American man of business to marry a French countess?
After the satisfaction of his nights, a morning's sleep, and a breakfast of Lee Sing's, James Ward crossed the bay to San Francisco on a midday ferryboat and went to the club and on to his office, as normal and conventional a man of business as could be found in the city.
You're a man of the world, you know, and a man of business, and a man of sense.