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Oliver Wendell Holmes: Physician and Man of Letters is an anthology of essays by learned authors discussing physician, author, and poet Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894), whose distinguished colleagues included the legendary Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
In Simpson's larger historical framework, Jefferson's tragedy serves as "an ironic metaphor of the character of the self in modern history generally" that is, the fate of the modern autonomous self, and especially of the man of letters, who presumes to order history through the human mind alone, even though his very act of self-definition alienates him from the truth of being and his own deepest identity.
Actually, A Man of Letters is a collection of excerpts from letters I have sent and received since 1960, on topics ranging from education to economics, law, the media, Third World countries and--in a very few places--black intellectuals.
I wonder if Maureen is aware that as long ago as 1926 the American journalist and man of letters, the late H L Mencken, wrote that, despite having tried very hard, he could find no instance of anyone having lost money through underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people.
In his landmark study The Rise and Fall of the Man of Letters (1969), John Gross sketched out the lives and careers of the various writers who shaped literary opinion in England from the late eighteenth century through the Victorian era and into modern times.
As Hirst (Mitchell Ryan), an elegant man of letters, and Spooner (Tom Bower), who describes himself as a poet (even as an acquaintance complains that poets are supposed to be young) drink through the night and the following morning, their recollections, real or fabricated, soar with wit.
True to the prediction of the old Greek scholar, Cicero became Rome's greatest orator, as well as her greatest statesman and man of letters --and an able foil for the rising ambitions of Julius Caesar and his confederates.
The eclectic collection, gathered by the eccentric man of letters and architect Charles Paget Wade, includes twenty-six sets of Japanese Samurai armour (being packed up), Jacobean glass, seventeenth-century legal and religious books and children's toys.
Hawthorne In Concord is no light reading biographical sketch, but a substantial, informative, and superbly presented in-depth account of the great American man of letters, Nathaniel Hawthorne, considering both his literary contribution and his influence on Concord's community of philosophers, poets, reformers and intellectuals as a whole.
Ferris, once a hugely promising teenage footballer for United before injury prematurely ended his career, is now a man of letters.
He may have written about cornflakes or, in "The Common Life," talked about "our roll-call of persons we would least like to go to bed with," but his is the voice of the old man of letters, not the young rebel.
This exceptional audio about an exceptional man of letters won the 2002 Spoken Word Poetry Award.