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To deal with the man-eating lions of Njombe in context, man-eating lions are a lot more common than most people realize, and more humans fall prey to them than are ever reported or factored into meaningless statistics.
He nurtures it but it turns out to be a man-eating plant.
BBC October 19, 2004--A man-eating lion linked to the deaths of at least 35 people in southern Tanzania may have killed because it had toothache, wildlife experts believe.
Man-eating tigers and crocodiles are only two of the dangers faced by the villagers, and life is a constant struggle to survive.
Children at a Netherton school are set to tackle an enormous man-eating plant with the ambitious musical Little Shop of Horrors.
Everyone knows the story, and everyone can relate to it: children, who are fascinated by the idea of a giant man-eating whale, and adults, who are fascinated by a prophet who shows such cheek and disrespect to the Lord God and manages to live to tell the tale.
Then I realised it was none other than Rebecca Loos, man-eating Z lister who does anything to get on TV.
Even earlier, as I pointed out in my book Blood Rites, there were prehistoric god(desses) modeled on man-eating animals like lions, and requiring a steady diet of human or animal sacrificial flesh.
I have no fear of the beastly man-eating machines with the bad rap, but I am terrified of being caged and dipped underwater.
Crime, catwalks and man-eating caterpillars--that's what you'll find on bookshelves this month.
Los Angeles-based artist Kori Newkirk's first show at this gallery's West Coast venue greeted viewers with cast urethane dorsal fins installed on the floor--suggesting a school of man-eating sharks lay just below the surface but also pointing the way toward a freestanding "white cube" display space built inside the gallery's own rough interior.
The show about a man-eating plant may yet blossom into a hit.