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But man-made fiber prices in China are still much lower than the price of cotton in China.
Cotton and man-made fiber textiles are regarded as substitutes, so that changes in the price of cotton textiles can shift the demand for man-made fiber textiles and vice versa.
It then discusses the man-made fiber market which includes a brief overview of the market covering the production and installed capacity in India.
The recent influx of man-made fibers into blue jeans is not a good fit for many consumers, and could affect the care, wear and expected five-year longevity of their beloved blue jeans.
5 percent from year-ago levels to 170 million SME, while those for man-made fiber curtain, sheets and curtains soared 27 percent to 83 million SME.
This report attempts to put in perspective, the trends witnessed in man-made fibers since 1990 with regards to consumption, production and trade.
The acquisition of Yatai further solidifies Sonoco's position as the premiere tube producer in the greater Shanghai area, where 50 to 60 percent of all man-made fiber is produced and processed, and makes Sonoco the largest tube and core producer in China," said Holley.
Process control systems for nonwovens, textile and man-made fiber lines.
This report presents the demand and supply trends in the man-made fiber industry.
Allied Textile Companies Plc is a diversified, integrated manufacturer of woolen, worsted and man-made fiber yarns and fabrics for apparel, floor coverings, decorative and specialty end uses with plants in the United Kingdom and on the European continent.
Innova yarns are manufactured exclusively by AF&Y and can be engineered to have the look and feel of virtually any natural or man-made fiber.
Nylon was the first commercial, truly man-made fiber, and came directly out of the laboratories of DuPont chemists 55 years ago.