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The SG-4 meets the key IT requirements of small and mid-size branch offices without compromise; it minimizes downtime, reduces the total cost of ownership, and improves overall service availability and manageability," said Mark Weiner, senior director of marketing at NetDevices.
Delivering the industry's first hardware virtualization support for desktop PCs, Intel Corporation debuted new processors today that offer businesses improved manageability and bolstered security.
Avocent Corporation (NASDAQ: AVCT) today announced the expansion of third party manageability by its DSView(R) 3 management software through an agreement with Uptime Devices.
These hardware innovations, when combined with industry-enabled software solutions, represent the superior manageability and strengthened security behind the Intel vPro brand.
With XML Firewalls and Gateways becoming more commonplace in enterprise networking environments, scalability and manageability will become increasingly paramount," said Scott Morrison Layer 7 Technologies, Director of Architecture.
The enhanced NetApp Manageability Software family is the only data management toolset that actively manages data from a business perspective.
A holistic approach to the manageability of all the various IT assets from applications to systems to networks becomes essential.
For information on Demarc, Sentarus and the Upgrade Kit for Manageability and Unified Threat Protection go to www.
Adding heterogeneous SAN management capabilities to our NetApp Manageability Software family is a significant move, allowing us to enhance the value we already provide to data center customers in multi-vendor environments.
Dell's Unified Manageability Architecture (UMA) is a vision for a standards-based blueprint for simplified, modular systems management.
The new module increases the architectural scalability of the Catalyst 6500 and complements the platform's innovative operational manageability and comprehensive resilience capabilities.
Most simply, Enhanced Data Manageability delivers the ability to selectively move data populations 'online' and 'offline,' the result is a streamlined staging to production process for data populations.