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It is true that in exact proportion as he became manageable by Kit he became utterly ungovernable by anybody else (as if he had determined to keep him in the family at all risks and hazards), and that, even under the guidance of his favourite, he would sometimes perform a great variety of strange freaks and capers, to the extreme discomposure of the old lady's nerves; but as Kit always represented that this was only his fun, or a way he had of showing his attachment to his employers, Mrs Garland gradually suffered herself to be persuaded into the belief, in which she at last became so strongly confirmed, that if, in one of these ebullitions, he had overturned the chaise, she would have been quite satisfied that he did it with the very best intentions.
Patrick Honohan said that the rescue of the bank, a key factor behind the country's high budget deficit, is 'costly but manageable.
In large part these issues are manageable, or are becoming more so, as new advances in storage networking are developed.
There's no substitute for a manageable, highly-available, highly secure network infrastructure, which is the hallmark of an IBM mainframe-powered computing environment, and the price of entry for IT providers hoping to compete and win in an on demand marketplace," said Rich Lechner, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, IBM Enterprise Servers.
This outlook reflects an expectation of sustained, but slower economic growth as measured by gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007, resulting in steady but slowing demand for air service; the improving financial position of the major domestic carriers; limited growth in airline capacity and stable to slightly rising airfares; manageable airport capital programs designed to match demand and reduce congestion; and the potential for favorable changes in the passenger facility charge (PFC) program through the reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
An official with the European Central Bank, Ewald Nowotny, has opined that the bank's woes in emerging Europe are manageable.
Within the enterprise market, there is increasing interest in cost-effective and manageable storage solutions.
The county's 'AA-' GO bond rating reflects the county's broad and diverse economic base and low debt levels coupled with manageable capital needs.
The SmallOffice Solution truly makes technology simple, manageable and affordable.
The 'AA-' rating on Suffolk County's GOs is based on its broad and diverse economic base, low debt levels with manageable capital needs, and officials' success in containing expenditure growth and accumulating reserves.
nitrogen fertilizer markets; manageable debt level; earnings and cash flow volatility; narrow product portfolio; and exposure to volatile natural gas prices support the ratings.
Tumbleweed SecureTransport(TM) is a leading Managed File Transfer solution providing the most secure, reliable, manageable and auditable file exchange inside and outside of your organization.