management of natural resources

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Description : Scaling up activities of agricultural intensification in nine villages south of Anjouan and initiation of the zone into community management of natural resources.
It is through this kind of global collaboration, that we hope to create real breakthroughs enabling efficient and sustainable management of natural resources," said Rick Wielens, European CEO of NineSigma.
The program will help reach key objectives for the region: efficient management of natural resources, increased cross-border networks and interactions, boosted tourism, preserved cultural and natural heritage and investments in youth, education and skills, according to a media statement of the European Commission.
29), to raise awareness among the community on the need for better management of natural resources and care for the environment.
The theme by theme approach of the MDGs ignored the important links between goals, including between the sustainable management of natural resources and human well-being and development.
Issues of poverty, vulnerability to climate shocks, ethnic marginalization and the transparent, sustainable and equitable management of natural resources must be considered within and alongside peace agreements if to build more resilient and prosperous societies," he stressed.
Minister Sirojiddin Aslov also stressed that "the achievement of these goals is possible only by increasing regional cooperation in trade, investment, tourism, management of natural resources, and the exchange of technology and information.
The management of natural resources is one of the key elements in the FAO Yemen Plan of Action 2014-2018.
With urbanisation and development playing a big role in UAE's progress, the management of natural resources is becoming a vital responsibility for the country.
It has a focus for the coordination of related programme aimed at improving the management of natural resources and the environment", Director PMNH Muhammad Rafique told.
AI is a not-for-profit organization that works with nearly 2,500 golf courses, business and other organizations to encourage good management of natural resources.
This alliance will go a long way in ensuring the responsible management of natural resources used to meet the growing demand for bioplastics," said Erin Simon, manager, packaging and material science, World Wildlife Fund.
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