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Roel Popping, Director of Payments, ING Nederland: "Our customers are looking to issue direct debit mandates in a way that is easy, user-friendly and secure, and the e-Mandate service enables them to do just that - all electronically.
3 percent of the workforce might see reductions in employment or hours in the short run, as some firms seek to avoid the coverage mandate by keeping the number of full-time or full-time-equivalent workers they employ below the threshold level.
Ivanov, who was also reelected on 27 April, presented the mandate to Gruevski for the second time, the first time in 2011.
Unless otherwise ordered by the court or provided by these rules, the clerk shall issue such mandate or process as may be directed by the court after expiration of 15 days from the date of an order or decision.
ANKARA (CyHAN)- Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an said late on Thursday that the content of a one-year mandate allowing Turkey to carry out military operations in foreign countries to be renewed in Parliament on Oct.
In addition, like the mandate studied by Gruber (1994a), these maternity LOS mandates were among a small number of mandates, including others related to women's and children's health, that affect a large and demographically identifiable group.
All 50 states mandate benefits for screening mammography and a minimum maternity stay, whereas almost all states mandate benefits for breast reconstruction after mastectomy and require mental health parity in benefits.
The School Code has been amended to allow public school districts and private schools to choose not to comply with statutory or regulatory mandates enacted after the effective date of this amendment, unless the mandate is fully funded by the government for the relevant school year.
Although research has failed to find much evidence of widespread issue voting, the authors of Mandate Politics claim that the electorate occasionally does send an ideological message or mandate to its representatives.
In a recent report, "Health Care Coverage in New Hampshire: Estimates of Proposed Expansions," researchers at the New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies concluded this mandate alone "would result in $7.
Elected officials would have to take a mandate and make it happen.
IN a move that enhances Los Angeles' reputation as a city hostile to business, the City Council has voted to extend the city's living-wage mandate beyond businesses that contract with City Hall.