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He added that there was no monitoring mechanism to check whether amateur broadcasters were stepping out of their mandated territory but a deep sense of the social responsibility kept them away from forbidden topics.
These number of troops can never be able to respond into any attacks within its mandated territory, unless their number is increased as well as their mobility is enhanced.
The Saar had been a League of Nations mandated territory occupied by both Britain and France since 1920.
In the early 1920s, following World War I, France and Britain negotiated the border between France's mandated territory in Lebanon and Syria and Britain's mandate in Palestine.
In 1947 the United Kingdom announced its intention to complete evacuation of the mandated territory by 1 August 1948, subsequently advancing that date to 15 May 1948.
Part One concerns the origins of the Zionist-Palestinian conflict for statehood in the British Mandated territory.
should not be accepted for enlistment within or without the boundaries of the mandated territories--for service in any military corps or body of constabulary which is not permanently quartered in the mandated territory and used solely for its defence or for the preservation of order within it.
Between 1913 and 1939 AWA had established three networks in Fiji, the Territory of Papua and the Mandated Territory of New Guinea.
The "property" in this case is the concept of "national sovereignty" of the local inhabitants of the mandated territory, whose sovereignty rights were to be temporarily "managed" by the mandatory "trustee" until full independence would be achieved.
Cameroon was originally occupied by Germany, before being divided between Britain and France after the First World War, firstly as a League of Nations mandated territory and then as a United Nations Trust Territory after 1945.
Franklin had once belonged to the RAN but was currently in the service of the Administrator of the Mandated Territory of New Guinea.
Make Northern Ireland a European Union mandated territory with a commissioner elected or selected by the EU commissioners.