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This case report demonstrated the ability to replace a congenitally missing tooth using an Astra TechA implant, 4 months following a ridge augmentation with anonlay block graft from mandibular symphysis.
4) Mandibular symphysis shorter than 50% of length of jaw [0] or of same length or more than 50% [1];
The aim of this study was to quantify the cortical and cancellous bone in the mandibular symphysis and relate it to the teeth of the anterior area.
These fractures are usually bilateral involving mandibular symphysis frequently (Singh et al.
Patients with condylar fracture and associated maxillofacial fratures like, Lefort Maxillary fractures, Zygomatic Complex fractures, Nasal bone fractures, panfacial trauma and Mandibular symphysis, body and angle fratures were excluded.
Pathologic examination conducted during the first-stage operation revealed a positive margin at the mandibular symphysis, and a further 1.
Mandibular fractures are usually bilateral; result from trauma, severe periodontitis or neoplasia (Fossum, 2002) and invariably involve the mandibular symphysis (Singh et al.