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An optimized drive train and 11R20 tyres deliver improved driveability and effortless maneuverability.
A compact piece of equipment will allow for more maneuverability, but robustness is typically the hallmark of larger equipment.
An elegant little aircraft, whose lines harkened back to the earlier Pup single-seater from the same manufacturer, the Tripe offered splendid maneuverability and excellent cockpit visibility.
This line combines the power-wheelchair technology of center-wheel drive with the aesthetics of traditional scooter products for indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance.
Features include a standard fold-down side table, with optional left fold-down side table; total-lock 3" rear casters and rear position lock; and a push handle in the back for easy maneuverability.
And if the researchers can figure out the finer details of how fin movements affect a body's overall direction and speed, the maneuverability of a penguin-mimicking craft will far exceed that of a propeller-and-rudder vessel, Hover claims.
Both models are offered with either thermocouple (TC) or resistance temperature detector (RTD) sensors, and feature a low profile, high-density, smart (HDS) connector that allows more maneuverability around process equipment and provides less weight and pull on instrumented wafers.
Innovations to the newly designed and engineered vehicles include increased maneuverability and visibility, and enhanced powertrains.
Chief Executive Manfred Schneider said Bayer's new structure is intended to "increase maneuverability in our markets, to improve our competitiveness, to better exploit synergies and to align our business for potential strategic partnerships.
Its maneuverability enables surgeons to view films without leaving the sterile field.
has unveiled a compact canister vacuum said to feature a universal pivot providing great maneuverability for the nozzle.
A new, powerful city tractor, designed to provide easier driver entry/egress as well as better maneuverability, has been announced by Navistar International Transportation Corp.