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It is more maneuverable and you can carry more, so you are able to save fuel because you are making fewer runs.
For their size, humpbacks are surprisingly maneuverable.
Boyd discovered that the American fighters were more maneuverable than their Soviet-made counterparts.
Well-balanced and maneuverable, it averages 45 to 70 miles per gallon and hits a maximum speed of 61 mph.
The ESSM, as it is also called, provides improved ship self-defense capabilities against faster, lower, smaller and more maneuverable anti-ship missile threats as well as increased firepower.
Its size makes the machine maneuverable and easy to transport.
It is lightweight and easily maneuverable with an ergonomically styled push handle.
Manufactured of light gauge steel, the cart is durable and maneuverable.
Society of Friends NRW), a total of 3 compact, maneuverable fighting vehicles are procured by the type MLF (delivery within 12 months of the contract) ,
The new Terex PT-30 compact track loader is designed with a 26 percent increase in lift height, a 16 percent increase in operating capacity and a 45 percent increase in bucket rollback to enhance its production while continuing to offer operators the compact and maneuverable operation of its predecessor.
The Ditch Witch organization has introduced a horizontal directional drill that is described as being more maneuverable, easier to operate and maintain than any other machine in its class.