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An action was taken on the direction of deputy commissioner Riaz Mehsud by additional deputy commissioner Mumtaz Ahmad and the mangers were held and their private office was also sealed, it informed.
Making up the final three semifinal spots were Western FC and Queens Park Mangers who finished second and third respectively, whilst Netherley edged out the teams below to make a fabulous final four.
In the casualty lines, risk mangers say rates for general liability, auto liability and workers' compensation rose by up to 10 percent.
With the new stores, Pret A Manger will have 37 Manhattan locations in total.
THE job of a football manger continues to be volatile and full of uncertainty, League Managers' Association chief executive Richard Bevan said yesterday.
Rounding a corner, Mangers spotted a German captain sitting on top of a tank.
Among the banned items are ``Santa Claus, Nut Crackers, Candy Canes, Snowmen, Easter Bunnies and Nativity Mangers.
Duck leavings on the mangers and sometimes even on the goats.
God is in mangers, among those counted as cattle, and among those who don't fit into the selfish and tight-fisted structures of the earth.
Those Royal Mail workers coming in will join mangers in trying to sort out Easter cards and first class and priority service mail in an effort to minimise delays.
a New York based public opinion research firm, entitled: "Non-Traditional Banking Products -- The Wave of the Future," surveyed mid-level mangers and senior executives in banks, including bank holding companies, commercial banks and savings and loans institutions in four regions in the country -- Northeast, Midwest, South and West.
Kirsten Mangers, who in the wake of the dot-com bust put every penny on the line to found WebVisible (www.