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It is strange to look on this dreadful picture of the mangled corpse of the Saviour, and to put this question to oneself:
Supposing that the disciples, the future apostles, the women who had followed Him and stood by the cross, all of whom believed in and worshipped Him--supposing that they saw this tortured body, this face so mangled and bleeding and bruised (and they MUST have so seen it)--how could they have gazed upon the dreadful sight and yet have believed that He would rise again?
And after having mangled, and torn, and completely stripped the two brothers, the mob dragged their naked and bloody bodies to an extemporised gibbet, where amateur executioners hung them up by the feet.
He was after a number of men in that club, and, whenever opportunity offered, he reached out for them and mangled them.
This accomplished, he pried gently and carefully, loosening the jaws a bit at a time, while Matt, a bit at a time, extricated White Fang's mangled neck.
I would avoid, if possible, treating this matter ludicrously, lest grave men and politicians, whom I know to be offended at a jest, may cry pish at it; but, in reality, might not a battle be as well decided by the greater number of broken heads, bloody noses, and black eyes, as by the greater heaps of mangled and murdered human bodies?
not a bad idea, that--queer thing to have it mangled when it's upon one, though--trying process--very.
A DRIVER is lucky to be alive after escaping from a crash which left his car a mangled wreck.
There are walls covered with photos of the victims, the mangled antenna from the top of one tower and a fire engine crushed when the buildings came down.
Various of mangled remains of a vehicle an policemen at the incident site
On the fireplace were the mangled remains of his glasses which were smashed when the car struck Mr Jones at about 9.
MORE than two days after their factory collapsed on them, at least some garment workers were still alive in the corpselittered debris, pinned beneath tons of mangled metal and concrete.