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She was manhandled in the police station NICK FREEMAN LAWYER FOR ACTRESS, YESTERDAY
West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra was allegedly manhandled by the SFI activists during their protest over one of its leaders' death in Kolkata Police custody.
Mobile phone clips posted on the internet show the ex-Gunners star being manhandled and pelted with insults, the Sun reports.
The member had bowed before the Supreme Court and was at the premises of the honorable court when he was manhandled by a government official.
She mocked a child with a speech impediment telling him to "speak properly" and angrily manhandled another for dropping a spoon on the floor during lunch.
Mahoney and his cronies were determined I should not attend the party meeting at the golf club but I did not expect to be manhandled in the way I was.
Peter Cassidy was enjoying a night out at Newcastle's Blu Bambu Club in the Bigg Market, when he noticed a woman being manhandled.
But all these manhandled places"--he gestures around us at the intersecting paths and mowed-grass edges--"are great.
Man, it would have seriously taken me half an hour to bust that trick, but since Ben is pro, he fucking manhandled that shit.
The 41-year-old businessman allegedly became drunk and abusive, and manhandled a flight attendant, before being restrained by crew members using the handcuffs that are kept on board.
On New Year's Eve police said Jackson may face further charges if his claims that he was manhandled by police during his arrest prove to be false.
has manhandled into art what seemed until then too intractable, too raw and accidental, to be brought within the scope of aesthetic purpose.