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MANIFESTO. A solemn declaration, by the constituted authorities of a nation, which contains the reasons for its public acts towards another.
     2. On the declaration of war, a manifesto is usually issued in which the nation declaring the war, states the reasons for so doing. Vattel, liv. 3, c. 4, Sec. 64; Wolff, Sec. 1187. See Anti-Manifesto.

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The manifesto was signed with great reluctance by Messrs.
Three days after the manifesto of President Barbicane $4,000,000 were paid into the different towns of the Union.
Our goal is to see the calls in our manifesto replicated in the manifestos of local political parties.
The HDP's election manifestos for the June 7 and Nov.
The House of Lords takes party manifestos seriously.
7 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Rajnath Singh on Monday said that if Congress would have fulfilled even half of what they had promised in their manifestos India would have been a superpower by now.
Some of the Delhi candidates have almost finalised their manifestos and will release it soon," said Dilip Pandey, P spokesperson.
President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has said that his administration has yesterday begun the implementation of PPM manifesto as well as the manifestos of coalition parties.
has sent out a manifesto which, as manifestos do, calls out what is wrong in the humanities that is causing it to flounder and gradually lose its momentum.
When they will draw a parallel between the manifestos of MQM and other political and religious parties, they would come to know that the MQM's manifesto has presented scientific and practical solutions for the progress and prosperity and stability of democracy in the country as well as for solution of the basic problems of the people, he added.
The meeting expressed satisfaction that all points in the previous manifestos were not only implemented but also measures were taken for economic prosperity and public welfare
His response stated the following: "It is a myth that changes were not in either parties' manifestos: the Conservative manifesto (p.