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Manifold opens up for aerial and ground technology to intelligently work together to solve complex problems," said Michael Perry, DJI's Director of Strategic Partnerships.
Swivelling modules on the manifold permit rotation of each connector to the required angle and maintain a tight seal during adjustment, even under load.
changes a geodesic circle into a geodesic circle, where [phi] is a smooth function on the manifold.
Atceken: Geometry of warped product semi-invariant submanifolds of a locally Riemannian product manifold, Serdica Math.
Eddy flow meters/turbulent flow indicators, Tracer electronic flow meters, and cooling water manifolds.
An ([epsilon])-almost contact metric manifold is called an ([epsilon], [delta])-trans-Sasakian manifold if
n] (since the conformal curvature tensor vanishes identically for n = 3, we assume the condition n > 3 throughout the paper) and proved that such a manifold is of quasi-constant curvature.
CROCHETED CHAOS Osinga launched her crochet project in the hopes of finally getting her hands on a Lorenz manifold, a mathematical object that she had been studying theoretically for years.
Some technicians like to burn plastic off nozzle bodies with a torch before disassembly and while the manifold plate is standing up on the bench.
has received new orders to supply several cast and machined exhaust manifolds, turbine housings and cast turbomanifolds for Iveco, Isuzu, BorgWarner Turbo Systems and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Crewmen, when it's time to pull the back deck on your AVLB, you can avoid a geyser of hydraulic fluid by remembering to disconnect the two hydraulic lines from the holddown manifold.
Thermoplastic Air Intake Manifold from Nissan, Montaplast of North America and DuPont Automotive