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Even in Judaism and Islam, which so emphasize the oneness of God, there is a manifoldness in the expression of God.
And then the process started that destroyed everything -- the city, its human fabric, the unique beauty of its manifoldness.
To Babbitt, wonder is a fascination with strangeness and variety, while one experiences awe when he "attends to the unity which underlies the manifoldness and that likewise transcends him.
Second, we need to elaborate a trinitarian theology of relationships that is capable of uniting diversity and manifoldness with equality and justice.
4) Mikhail Bakhtin provides a useful framework for analyzing the values that shape the adventurous-heroic type of biographical consciousness: "Adventurous-heroic biographical value is grounded in the will or drive to be a hero - to have significance in the world of others; in the will to be loved; and, finally, in the will to live life's |fabular' possibilities, the manifoldness of inner and outer life, to the full" (Art 155).