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Manipulating the time, volume, and difficulty can establish a balance between the ROA and higher standards that best serves the interests of the organization.
Enter David Currell's MAKING AND MANIPULATING MARIONETTES, written by a leading puppet theatre authority who was co-founder of the national Puppet Center and its chairman for nearly 20 years.
Speaker, 10 years from now as the WTO evolves, and even today, we will find our huge international corporations and international corporations in general going to these bodies and manipulating them and bribing them.
Cossin, who also took center stage manipulating water during the Master Chorale's performances of Tan's ``Water Passion,'' lauds the composer's ability to elevate the ordinary.
Nanotechnology works from the bottom up, manipulating molecules and atoms to achieve precise and novel effects, improving existing materials.
trading partner is manipulating its currency to gain an unfair trade advantage.
But 360 million years later humans are directly manipulating fish genomes: rekindling a very ancient kinship and forever altering our ecological and cultural paths.
A laser apparatus, called OT (optical tweezers) [4], provides the user with a noncontact method for manipulating objects that can be applied to viruses, bacteria, living cells and synthetic micro and nanoscale particles.
With settings, objects, and mood, the VR environment not only arouses learners' senses and emotions, but also requires learners to interact with the environment by manipulating objects through computer input.
By manipulating the [d]efenant's bag in a manner that [d]efendant did not reasonably expect from other passengers, [the officer] conducted a search within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment.
Delgadillo said the contract was improperly extended in 2000 - by failing to get approval from the Board of Water and Power Commissioners - and prices were driven up by Reliant's practices in manipulating the natural gas market.
They will no longer be able to make their profit by manipulating the market, or duplicating the efforts of others producing me-too products.