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MANKIND. Persons of the male sex; but in a more general sense, it includes persons of both sexes; for example, the statute of 25 Hen. VIII., c. 6, makes it felony to commit, sodomy with mankind or beast. Females as well as males axe included under the term mankind. Fortesc. 91; Bac. Ab. Sodomy. See Gender.

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China has been contributing wisdom and strength to the security and future of mankind while pursuing its own development.
Although Mankind grew fast, thanks to the marketing skills of the Junejas, many areas critical to a large organisation were missing.
As an RPG of sorts, Mankind Divided's writing and voice acting is pretty solid across the board.
The term "creation" is in close connection with the profound questions on the origin of mankind and of the world.
The last day of the traditional octave or eight days of prayer and daily consecration to the Father of All Mankind, that began last Sunday, July 27, will be said today.
Encased with leather and affixed with chrome bolts, personally selected by Kenneth himself, each element captures the essence of Mankind with sleek, tailored architecture.
Ion Power Group's mission is to improve the human condition and preserve the Earth by offering its technology across the world to produce clean, non-polluting electricity and hydrogen gas for all mankind.
Given the exponential growth, Mankind Pharma wanted to align its IT infrastructure with the business goals of the company, while keeping operations and capital expenditures to a minimum.
How affably engaging ISS Commander Koichi Wakata and crew didn't respond with: "Dermot, for crying out loud, we're trying to do some work up here, like saving mankind from superbugs," I don't know.
The Tree of Mankind I cradled the world in the palm of my hand, And threw out all that was bad and unclean.
EVER SINCE mankind started using it, the question was raised whether it is worth it or not.
However, it didn't used to be that way, as this documentary exploring the development of mankind finds out.