manner of construction

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He said such manual workers form the backbone of the economy as they produce materials used in all manner of construction, including roads.
By this manner of construction of the collector, the city administration shows that it has no control over the project implementation - Zuljevic said.
It is expected that the DB will provide the optimal type and manner of construction for the project considering all factors including quality, value, cost, function and the best interest of the District and those served by the District.
Contract document services refer to development and preparation of working drawings, including architectural, structural, plumbing, and other mechanical engineering works, and the preparation of specifications describing the types and quality of materials and finish, and the manner of construction.
Proficiency in temporary staffing and permanent staffing for all manner of construction personnel would allow Zimmermann Staffing to capitalize on the diverse French economy.
The residents of Karhera have been protesting for over a year against the manner of construction of the bridge by the UP irrigation department and the Ghaziabad Development Authority ( GDA).
I like to use old brick, which has been used for thousands of years for all manner of construction purposes.
This is an indicator of the type of labor and manner of construction and design that these developers have employed," Thies said.
The piece by Giya Kancheli, the Georgian once described as possibly the most important Soviet composer since Shostakovich, hardly resembles a Mozart concerto on the surface, but the manner of construction is similar.
Here and there the first occupants have moved in - stoic types prepared to put up with houses still being built around them, and sharing their street with all manner of construction vehicles.