manner of speaking

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The early part of Derry's year was racked by poor form on the pitch, and in a manner of speaking, poor form off it.
In reality, the Osterley chairs are small and refined; in Buchanan's large watercolours (the largest 100 by 148 cm) they are, in a manner of speaking, large>than life creations of his imagination.
Though Aguilera and Shannon filmed their scenes separately, Shannon had already written himself into the pop star's life, in a manner of speaking.
Researchers believe that by putting microcomputers into every manmade object in the world, computers could, in a manner of speaking, sense the real world.
This symbolic manner of speaking may be a bit trite, but still I think that we cannot yet say that our thinking has adjusted to the idea that we are indeed acting as though we are passengers of one spaceship.
Roger Flax, "A Manner of Speaking," TWA Ambassador Magazine, May/June 1990, 38.
He joined Penkridge seven years ago from Western Australia cricket, liked the company so much that he bought it, in a manner of speaking.
Nothing, in a manner of speaking, to look forward to after death?
I'm three or four islands but not an archipelago an exorcism without demon a halo without saint everything is distant I myself begin to be so hung from the next to last horizon that trapeze without a net everything is distant but it's a manner of speaking in my best history there have been horizons galore and experience tells me that what's remote at times comes close
One of my colleagues, in a manner of speaking, Anna Quindlen, recently published a column arguing for intervention in behalf of these female victims of rape.
Some had as their principle qualification that they were, in a manner of speaking, employed.
Ordinate's patented technology analyzes the linguistic content of spoken utterances and the manner of speaking to determine language proficiency and other speaker characteristics.