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She threw herself into stand-up as she did everything else in her life, playing the clubs and inventing a comic persona, Miss Mannerist, who, wearing a fright wig and goofy glasses, entertained her colleagues with art-world zingers at professional functions.
A similar, laborious exercise was performed within the Great Hall of the ground floor--home to so many masterpieces of high renaissance and mannerist sculpture--for the allegorical group of Florence Triumphant over Pisa, which between 1565 and 1572 closely followed Samson slaying a Philistine (V&A, London) into the world.
Singing the praises of Baglione will not erase his traits that we happily pass over and classify as "late Mannerist.
Inclined towards the domestic end of the scale, Spiegelhalter's buildings are characterized by the fusion of contemporary technology with quirkily mannerist form-making (for instance the extraordinary family house at Breisach, AR October 1996) and this latest project is no exception.
The new store, filled with authentic French antiques, modern Philippe Starck furniture, Mannerist paintings, faux crystal chandeliers and nostalgic European music, brings "runway to reality" to fashion- savvy women.
Contrariwise, a prototypical studio portraitist like Philippe Halsman resorts to the mannerist device of asking each of his celebrity subjects (including photographers Weegee and Edward Steichen) to jump into the air, so that "he cannot simultaneously control his expressions, his facial, and his limb muscles"; the result, the artist claimed, being that "the real self becomes visible.
They got very upset when the Bronzino was moved from its usual place to hang opposite a Parmigianino lent by the National Gallery of London so it created a Mannerist dialogue.
Chapters on satirical, polemical, scientific, mannerist, and baroque poetry provide a glimpse of the wealth of poetic traditions exploited as the century draws to a close.
Its architecture is consistent through the use of sierra white stone and a variation of classical styles, from Beaux Arts, Mannerist, and Baroque.
Not that Kirchner utterly failed to introduce a certain glum originality into the work--with his monumental figures that were indebted to the Oceanic nudes of Gauguin; his often-quirky Mannerist sense of color (pink, lavender, celadon, black--an unusual palette under any circumstances); the overtone of Nordic lyrical Symbolism echoing Munch.
His bronzes, however, with a few notable exceptions, tend to be highly wrought with fussy, mannerist surfaces and frequently disturbing patination.
For modern critics, the Soledades, while still dazzling the senses with mannerist metaphor, is a fundamentally intellectual work.