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Before the gents start emailing with claims of gender victimisation, I know of another instance where a mannerly chap offered a seat to a woman and was rewarded with accusations of sexist behaviour.
Flexibility: A Pentastar Hallmark In terms of character, the Pentastar V-6 can be mannerly, as demonstrated in the Chrysler Town & Country; sporty, as in the Dodge Challenger; or beastly, as in the rugged Jeep Wrangler and Ram 1500.
Foyle's War, that is, the drama in which she has been starring as plucky Sam Stewart alongside Michael Kitchen's mannerly and moral policeman since 2002.
Cllr Dennehy said: "He was a lovely, mannerly and cheerful young man.
I assume he meant there are times when Catholics should ratchet down the noise of their arguments and opt for a calmer, more mannerly (read: academic) approach.
Courtesy plays a role in a person's career development, but sometimes those who get promoted are seen as less mannerly.
Because a civil and mannerly existence is not just a more delightful way to live, but one that is essential to a well-functioning society.
I disagree - golf is responsible for not allowing a more mannerly approach to sport to disappear, a feature which should be encouraged, not derided.
After all, if we want mannerly period dramas, there's Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge they're all over the place.
Good luck with your training, and here's to mannerly dogs that back reliably
Derek is only 21 and he's a shy, mannerly fellow, and it would be fair to presume he wasn't as prepared to state his case simply because he's not as experienced as senior riders.