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As he does so, he clearly lays out his threefold purpose: "(1) on the simplest level, to demonstrate the tenuous connection between Judean apocalypses and the Akkadian ex eventu texts on questions of formal dependence; (2) to clarify the use of ex eventu prediction in texts produced by late Second Temple Judean scribes; and (3) to fully situate the Akkadian ex eventu texts within their greater Near Eastern milieu as part of a literary phenomenon wedding mantic and historiography practice that emerged multiple times in differing cultural contexts" (p.
iJET wants to walk alongside our travel partners to deliver value in the TRM space, this new partnership with Mantic Point is another great example of how we are able to continue to deliver on that commitment.
The play thereby holds open the possibility either that Teiresias foresaw the terrible events or that he has prophesied nothing, concocting revelations from a mixture of inside intelligence, guesses, tropes, coincidences, and common fears all within a contemporary context of mantic failure and looming doubt.
In depicting mantic inspiration in Graeco-Roman antiquity, Golding has opted for the Hellenistic-Roman era rather than, for instance, the Classical.
Milton offers once more the example of mantic Phineus, as well as the instances of Isaac the Patriarch, Hieronymus Zanchius the theologian, and, rather tendentiously, "for a time, perhaps, Jacob [aliquot fortasse, Jacobum]" (CE VIII.
An apple and a tortoise and "an old-fashioned theodolite" exercise a similar mantic power in Tom Stoppard's Arcadia.
After ironically misapplying various words in the passage to his own surroundings ("pilot," for example, suggests a local airport), the speaker again says "the prophet's mantic number remain[s] beyond me.
But, at its most unrestrained and disembodied, the American religious imagination drifts with astonishing ease towards the fantastical and mantic, the messianic and hermetic.
Arroyo said Emily Mantic and Cleofe Montulo, both members of the Jehovah's Witnesses religious sect, escaped from the Abu Sayyaf rebels Friday night ''in the middle of fighting'' between the rebels and soldiers at the border of Patikul town in Sulu Province, about 950 kilometers south of Manila.
Theatre was the medium through which the spiritual performer negotiated his or her mantic abilities and expressed them to an audience.
with his true mantic self, a nonstratified area of semi-liquid
By teaching others his "baptized version" of mantic prayer, Main was able to provide a Holy Name prayer method for transforming consciousness, leading to the reverencing of others in communal love.