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It is not fair that a rather stout manufacturer should be called upon to sit in the moonlight while a beautiful girl, to the accompaniment of soft music, reproaches him with having avoided her.
But there are some things which the historian should hold sacred, some things which he should look on as proscribed material for his pen, and the actual words of a stout manufacturer of automobiles proposing marriage in the moonlight fall into this class.
All rather stout automobile manufacturers are sad when there is a full moon.
After such a marriage he would, of course, renounce the best society and take up with the bourgeois class of tradesmen, rich manufacturers and graziers, who would certainly carry him in triumph as their candidate.
There was old people, after working all their lives, going and being shut up in the workhouse, much worse fed and lodged and treated altogether, than--Mr Plornish said manufacturers, but appeared to mean malefactors.
ask that other boy, whose seat being nearest to the door gave him opportunities of gliding out into the garden and driving his companions to madness by dipping his face into the bucket of the well and then rolling on the grass--ask him if there were ever such a day as that, when even the bees were diving deep down into the cups of flowers and stopping there, as if they had made up their minds to retire from business and be manufacturers of honey no more.
If an item is 100-percent recyclable or 90-percent recyclable, then that is going to be a very powerful incentive to induce the manufacturer to provide a product that his customer will want to purchase.
The Catalina Performance Agreement calls for the payment by the manufacturer to Catalina of a base fee, plus a fee for each coupon or advertising message over a certain level.
But one manufacturer we worked with found a 300 percent difference in ROI between two apparently similar trade customers" -- a situation the manufacturer wouldn't have recognized without thorough analysis.
The manufacturer becomes a profit partner in the venture, able to use the finance company partner's people, sophisticated systems and capital.
Or should the manufacturer provide a list of qualified components that they have tested as being compatible with their product?
The IDE allows the manufacturer to study the device on a specified number of human patients according to the protocol without meeting all FDA requirements for marketed devices.

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