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MANUS. Anciently signified the person taking an oath as a compurgator. The use of this word probably came from the party laying his hand on the New Testament. Manus signifies, among the civilians, power, and is frequently used as synonymous with potestas. Lec. El. Dr. Rom. Sec. 94.

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ACT Greens leader Shane Rattenbury said Australia has a moral obligation to support the refugees on Manus Island and Nauru, and the ACT takes that obligation seriously.
While she was a student and to support the family, Manus ran a tutorial service with her brother.
Manus told Sergi all the weird and wonderful things he was missing on planet Earth.
To join this industry, I am coming up with my first Marathi film, Aapla Manus ," he added.
Three sources familiar with the process said about 25 men from countries such as Bangladesh, Sudan, and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar held on Manus island were the first to be told on Wednesday, with a similar number on Nauru to be told Thursday.
Mrs McCauley said she and Manus were group of young people near shops in Bogside, 180 metres below the city walls.
The Rudd Government entered an agreement with Papua New Guinea establishing the Manus facility at a time when Labor lost control of our borders and tens of thousands of people were coming on boats.
The level of frustration on Manus Island is as high as it has ever been," said Ian Rintoul, an Australian refugee advocate who was on Manus Island last week.
Manus was a fierce advocate for music education his entire life.
The assessments also found that the asylum seekers detained in Manus Island are worse off than those in Australia and on Christmas Island.
The entire Manus camp is being progressively shut down, with the Australian and Papua New Guinea (PNG) governments insisting it will be closed and emptied by 31 October.
More than 250 asylum seekers are on a hunger strike on Manus Island over their frustration at being held in detention for the past 17 months without being given any guarantee about their futures, Australian refugee advocates say.