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Many's the night I've watched her from the deck of my vessel, on seas far away from here.
I've tried to instil it into him, many and many's the time; but'--John added this in confidence--
I ha' gone home, many's the time, and found all vanished as I had in the world, and her without a sense left to bless herseln lying on bare ground.
The old gentleman wanted to know the nature and worth of everything that was found in the dust; and many's the bone, and feather, and what not, that he's brought to me.
I tell you, many's the time I wished I had some when I was in there before.
So you see he settled it easy; for parsons and doctors know everything by heart, like, so as they aren't worreted wi' thinking what's the rights and wrongs o' things, as I'n been many and many's the time.
Tom Sawyer racked the head off of himself all that month trying to plan some way out for Uncle Silas, and many's the night he kept me up 'most all night with this kind of tiresome work, but he couldn't seem to get on the right track no way.
Many's the good cry I had, when I was a growing girl, over my own size
It was not easy to know, and many's the night I have lain awake thinking of it.
Many's the lad who fought for his King, Determined, along with his pals to bring An end to the conflict begun by others, A war where parents, sisters and brothers Were destined to die, so many were lost A horrible war, a terrible cost.