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Les margines, ou eaux de vegetation, des effluents issus de l'extraction de l'huile d'olive, peuvent etre utilisees comme engrais pour les oliveraies.
The margines, the water squeezed out of the olives while separating the oil, can be used as fertiliser for the olive orchards.
foliis membranaceis pellucido-punctatis utrinque subtus praesertim in nervis et secus margines puberulis rotundato-cordatis .
Ce dispositif, a l'apparence simple a realiser, permet d'eliminer les margines qui resultent de l'activite des huileries afin d'eviter leur deversement dans les oueds ou les nappes phreatiques.
If the (Persian) Gulf States have no requests, then I will start my discussions with Iran for the interest of both Egypt and the Persian Gulf States and Egypt will not take a position that will hurt the Persian Gulf national security," Fahmy added during the interview which was conducted on the margines of his visit to the United Arab Emirates.
Orange County Superior Court Judge Charles Margines to "birther queen" Orly Taitz at a trial seeking the release of Barack Obama's college records, OC Weekly, November 30
Orange County Superior Court Judge Charles Margines rejected Taitz' argument, citing procedural errors and questioning the quality of her evidence.
Habitat ad margines agrorum inter oppidum Bicorp et fontem salsum.
Ni el Margines de Homero ni la fantasia de Burroughs estan disponibles.
Lors d'une seance de travail tenue jeudi dernier au siege du gouvernorat de Bizerte, en presence des representants des differentes structures chargees des preparatifs de la saison de cueillette des olives, il a ete recommande d'assurer une gestion des margines selon les normes convenues avec la possibilite d'exploiter le depot de Sidi Mbarek de Mateur.
The firm said it is closely working on concluding its continuing projects in a scheduled way and this should lead to enhanced sales and margines during the coming years.
5 mm longae, 1-4 mm latae, bases rotundatae vel hemicordatae, obliquae, apices obtusi vel mucronati, margines integri; involucra campanulata vel obconica, 0.