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In the early '90s, I produced a series of marital therapy videotapes," Chuck tells Portia in another (https://www.
She refused to have further Marital therapy sessions and was wanting a divorce from Mr.
The participants of the present study were selected through purposive sampling from a pool of couples referred by psychiatrists practicing in Karachi to the Institute of Professional Psychology, Bahria University for marital therapy.
Frankly, sometimes family therapy at this stage can feel like marital therapy does when people have been unhappy for far too long before seeking help.
That is a description from the brochure and website of the Gottman Institute, which conducts a marital therapy retreat on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington.
2010) were efficacy studies that examined Christian and non-Christian versions of Hope-focused marital therapy (Worthington, 2005; Worthington, Ripley, Hook, & Miller, 2007).
This stage of the treatment was not easy for the father as in the Palestinian culture it is very difficult to talk with female psychologists in the presence of women and children, so he and his wife were advised to go on individual marital therapy again.
And if you think the communication between you and your partner needs some extra help, consider couples counseling or marital therapy.
Behavioral interventions, including community reinforcement, behavioral contracting, behavioral marital therapy, skills training, chemical aversion therapy, covert sensitization, and self-control training, also ranked in the top 20 of all treatment modalities (Miller and Wilbourne 2002).
They book themselves on a marital therapy programme at a luxury resort, but the ministrations of Jean Reno's 'couple whisperer' also highlight the tensions within the relationships of their friends.