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5, Zimmerman prints Nox aderat et maritus advenerat primusque Veneris proeliis velitatus.
In the De raptu Proserpinae, Ceres, the mother of Proserpine and the spouse of Zeus, questions Electra, Proserpine's nurse, after Proserpine is abducted: "regnatne maritus / an caelum Titanes habent?
nam citius paterer caput hoc discedere collo / quam possem nuptae perdere more faces, / aut ego transirem tua limina clausa maritus, / respiciens udis prodita luminibus.
Latin for husband was maritus, from the god Mars, state patron of masculinity.
validated by consent between the new maritus and his mate.
34) In this historical context, and according to the medieval precept that was still in force determining aut maritus aut murus, the fate of women who did not form a lay family of their own was to enter a convent, or at least to become a beata, a laysister who lived outside a monastery and was a member of a third order.
When I want to refer to that man who is threatening his wife I may say "maritus minatur," without focusing on his being a husband, but when I say "Socrates est maritus Xantippes" (Socrates is married to Xantippe) the term "maritus" is used to signify the quality only, for the substance is already signified by "Socrates homo"; likewise with "rex imperat" (the king commands), referring to substance versus "tu rex" (you, king), referring to quality only, because "hic vir" or "ille homo" is already understood.
Tlepolemus is maritus throughout (8,2,5; 8,4,1; 8,6,6, etc.
Immo falce secatum est,' ait maritus ejus, `et falcatum.
Cupido sive Eros coelestis ille est et sanctus amor qui pudicae et purae insitus animae a natura est, unde eius nominatur maritus, quia artissimo naturae vinculo cum Psyche coniunctus est.